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Shared Accountant

Shared Accountant – your professional exclusively Accountant and Consultant.

Our shared accountants are highly experienced and Knowledgeable Members of CA (Singapore) ,ACCA and RQI (ACRA) ***.

A shared accountant serves only a few companies, and his service costs are shared by several companies, so that the company can enjoy high-quality services at relatively low prices.

Shared accountants will master how these companies operate and provide appropriate accounting, tax, secretarial and consulting services.

The following is the details for offered (if applicable):

1.     Accounting software setting;

2.     Payroll: Compute Salaries, issue Pay slips; CPF e-

        Submit@web application, Bank Giro Form, Online 

        Submission and ESI management; CPF Data Link-up

        Service, AIS (IR8A)- employees income Submission;

3.     Bookkeeping, filing of documents;

4.     XBRL, Annual unaudited financial statements;

5.     ECI, Bank Giro Form , Company Income Tax Submission;

6.     GST Registration and Submission;

7.     Individual tax Submission (Form B/P);

8.     CorpPass setup and management;

9.     Secretarial Services: Secretary, AGM and Annual Return;

10.   Help to solve the problems with IRAS, CPF and ACRA;

11.   Internal Audit and Operations advisory service.

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